The concrete making process

The concrete making processConcrete is a material used for building and is comprised ofcoarse and fine materials joined together with cement. If you want to make your own concrete for use, you need to have an already made cement to create a workable concrete. Assuming you have the cement and the right tools, creating your own concrete is an easy process and it can save you money. The following is the process involved in making of the concrete.

Using the limestone cement to make concrete

Part 1

Use two part of all-purpose sand and mix it with one part of limestone cement. With a wheelbarrow and a shovel, mix thoroughly until you achieve a uniform mixture. For major works you can use a mixer instead of a wheelbarrow. It will save you time and energy. But ensure that the ratio of sand to cement is maintained.

Part 2

Use either gravel or crushed brick to add to the mixture of sand and cement. You should use four parts gravel for a single part of cement. The use of gravel or crushed brick helps in binding the mixture together once is dry. For a smoother concrete, use smaller and fine pieces of gravel. Mix the components together to create a uniform mixture.

Part 3

Add water to the mixed ingredients. Note that the water should be added slowly to avoid splashing. Fill a 18ltrs bucket to three quarter and add it in the dry components.

Part 4

Now mix the ingredients together. Continue mixing until the mixture becomes stiff. If the concrete is crumbly and dry add more water. Work out any lumps that might be there until you achieve a concrete which is smooth and workable.

Part 5

After you are done with the mixing, it is always important to clean your equipment so that the concrete is removed from your tools. Further it will be hard to remove the concrete form the equipment if the concrete dries.

If you don’t want to go through the tedious process of preparing the concrete, you can buy a premixed concrete from your local hardware stores. The premix bag comes with all the instructions on the amount of water that need to be used.

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