Why should you use a concrete floor?

Concrete slabs have been used to make floors for patios, utility areas, basements, and garages for longer periods. Additionally, concrete is a common material used for homes, where it can be etched, stained, or polished. Concrete has numerous benefits that promoters will tout when trying to sell the product. However, concrete has some limitations when used in certain areas as well. For this article, we spoke with the guys from CC Concrete Contractor for some feedback. Before you decide on replacing an existing floor with a concrete floor, the following advantages might help you in making an informed decision.

concrete floor inside commercial building

The pros

A concrete floor is durable

The flooring done using concrete is resilient and strong and able to hold the pressure from heavy items such as trucks or forklifts. That is why you will find it in commercial areas such as warehouses and garages. This also means that the material cannot be damaged easily. Also, it is not easy to scratch the material.  Although it is possible to scratch a concrete floor, you will have to work a bit hard to achieve.

Concrete floor is easy to maintain

The concrete floor requires a low level of maintenance. The floor might need to be sealed every 6 to nine months depending on the traffic. This is done to protect the layer on the surface. Besides, the floor requires cleaning with a neutral agent periodically.


The concrete floor can be made as soft as possible. By doing this, it gives you a choice to install an additional surface on top of the concrete. Thus concrete gives you freedom to future designs.


What do you think of when concrete floor is concerned, an ugly surface with bumpy textures?  This should not be the case as concrete versatility has enabled designers to come up with numerous varieties of texture and color effects. In some scenarios, the color is mixed before placing the slab

For the floors which are already installed, use a stain that is acid-free, a staining agent, a dye, or you can use waterproof paint. The smoothing of the concrete is achieved during the installation process while the mixture is still wet.  Also, you have the option to polish the material to give it a shinning effect.

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